I'm Jack.

A web designer. |

I'm Jack, a life-long computer enthusiast (at least as long as I can remember). I've explored many fields in the world of computers since I started when I was 10 years old.

Back then, I wrote small Windows Batch files using pretty much just the "echo" command. Later on, I started making websites too (definetly not as good as this one).

After that, I started working in the Python programming language, probably around 12 years old at this point. Keep in mind that this was all self-taught, on my mom's old Toshiba laptop that would've probably burned the house down if you left it unattended for too long.

My next adventure was in Android development using the Java programming language. I worked on some small projects where my phone would recognize voice commands and do certain actions based on the command.

Following a long wait, I got an iMac, which opened new opportunities, mostly iOS applications, which was my next project. This is when I started to notice how different the two mobile platforms are, and looked for solutions to using their two very different platforms together.

Flutter was my next project. My goal was to make apps that work on Android and iOS, but specifically, I tried to make a game using Flutter. This definetly didn't work out, but my goal was still to make a game.

I experimented with OpenGL ES on the Android side, and later with the Metal framework for iOS. At this point, I discovered Kotlin/Native, or Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile, which I am actively using for my game framework that I started developing.